The advanced business logic framework

Trailblazer is an architectural style that provides a modern approach to implementing business logic.

It makes complex application workflows simple, reliable and self-documenting.

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The pattern

Let Us Take Care of the Flow Control!

Each function of your application is encapsulated into an activity. This activity structures and orchestrates the necessary steps using a modern workflow approach. Depending on the complexity of your function, a step can range from an ad-hoc Ruby method to another nested activity entirely.

Lifecycles and long-running processes can be implemented by chaining activities in workflows.


Framework agnostic

The Trailblazer gems work with any Ruby framework. We provide glue code for Rails and Hanami, but there are TRB-powered apps in Roda, Grape, Sinatra and many more out there.

Legacy ready

You can start using Trailblazer in existing, massive applications today. Refactorings can be applied step-wise, legacy code can be minimized as you go. Remember: Rome wasn’t build in one day, either.


Trailblazer is in use in thousands of production applications. That's why we promise: Trailblazer 2.1 is long-term supported. Easy upgrades and stable internal APIs allow us to innovate and keep you stable.

Trailblazer Trailblazer

Our tools

A new developer experience

Newly added developer tools like tracing or step-debugging improve your team's developer experience. Our new tools reduce frustration to a minimum and will blow your mind - in a good way.

Our new visual EDITOR allows modelling complex long-running processes or visualizes existing activities.


Want some code?

CONTROLLER They end up as lean HTTP endpoints. No business logic is to be found in the controller, they instantly delegate to their respective operation.

Oh, and did we say there won’t be controller tests anymore? That’s right. Only unit and integration tests.

class Application::Policy < Pundit::Policy
    def create?




Trailblazer saved our butt! As is typical of a fast growing startup, the demand for quick turnaround of additional features had lead to our code-base becoming unstructured and buggy. Implementing new features was becoming both difficult and dangerous, and performance was starting to suffer. While investigating ways to refactor/rewrite I chanced across Nick and Trailblazer. After extensive research and comparison, we decided to adopt Trailblazer. What a fantastic decision this was.

Hello hello early birds

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